Natalie Prass


Not only one of the sharpest up-and-coming songwriters in Nashville, Natalie Prass possesses a rare artistic method she infuses into all her endeavors-- she handcrafts album artwork and flyers and organizes local vinyl listening parties/drawing sessions, and there appears to be little end to the homespun creativity of this bright young talent.

She’s also no slouch in the pipes department, either — the girl can sing. While her delicate alto evokes clear benchmarks of influence — see early Rilo Kiley, Feist, Karen Carpenter, etc. — Prass never seems weighed down by the artists she’s absorbed. Instead, she has developed a refreshing guitar-grounded musical vocabulary and a knack for infectious and entrancing tunes.


Still, it’s a spirit of invitation and friendship that continues to be Prass’ most pronounced attribute.

“It’s impossible to not connect and identify with Prass’s tunes whether you’re hearing them for the first time or you have them memorized.” - American Songwriter