Sam Spiegel


Sam Spiegel is a music producer, composer, music director, flim director and DJ.

In 2006 Sam produced the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s sophomore record, Show Your Bones, which was named “Album of the Year” by the likes of Rolling Stone, NME, and Spin, and was nominated for a Grammy for best alternative album.

2009 saw the release of N.A.S.A.‘s (North America South America) landmark debut LP, The Spirit of Apollo. Created with long time Brazilian music partner DJ Zegon, the album features jaw-dropping collaborations between many of the pair’s heroes, legends, and modern musical luminaries. The project focuses on ignoring boundaries and bringing people together from completely different worlds in order to create unique and unexpected art. The Spirit of Apollo features artists like Kanye West, George Clinton, M.I.A., Tom Waits, RZA and David Byrne while the corresponding music videos feature animated/live action collaborations by visual artists including Shepard Fairey, Sage Vaughn, Marcel Dzama, and The Date Farmers.

In addition, Sam co-directed a film, N.A.S.A.: The Spirit of Apollo, that gives viewers an intimate, behind the scenes look at the globetrotting musical adventures Sam and Ze encountered during the making of the record featuring many of the artists involved. Currently Sam is hard at work on the next installment of N.A.S.A set for release in 2013 featuring collaborations with Cee-Lo Green, Spoek Mathumbo, and hip hop legend Fab Five Freddy thus far with many more to come.

Sam also worked on Maximum Hedrum- an electronic funk project with Derrick Green, the lead singer of seminal metal band Sepultura-- released in 2013.

Sam has also worked extensively as a musical director including Kanye West’s “Glow In the Dark Tour”, Karen O’s “Stop The Virgins” and Target’s “Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular” event held in NYC in 2010. In particular, “Stop The Virgins” was the realization of a close-to-the-heart concept album Sam co-wrote and produced with Karen.