Harlan is a pop artist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. His unique style is seen in his EP 1984. Recently, he contributed two songs ("Fool" and "Small Clone") to Mayer Hawthorne's album Where Does This Door Go in addition to playing on “Reach Out Richard.”

Harlan grew up studying classical music. While his friends were playing in rock-n-roll bands, he was playing cello in an orchestra. Later, while studying cello in college (at Berklee School of Music), he was inspired to write his first song at a performance of Beethoven's 9th when he realized that all classical music was the "pop music" of it's time. It was in that moment that Harlan felt compelled to write contemporary music. He went home that night, picked up his roommate's guitar having never played one before, and penned his first song. Harlan had found his true musical voice and the cello was replaced by an electric guitar. An original style influenced by the music he had been listening to for pleasure his entire life (funk, soul, rock, R&B and 90's hip-hop) began pouring out.

Harlan's music is filled with memorable hooks and stone cold grooves. Imagine Prince meets Genesis meets Gnarls Barkley. Harlan writes and plays every instrument with the exception of drums. For the live stage, he has enlisted a group of top session and touring musicians. Harlan's blazing guitar solos backed by his band's electric energy is bringing true musicianship back to the stage.