Jillian Jacqueline

There’s something about Jillian Jacqueline; she’s magnetic at first introduction. She’s light and airy, and gleams with honest, unfailing optimism, yet…she’s practical. As if sprinkled with STARdust, she’s endearing and magical. Beyond the hypnotic trance, you’ll find Jillian Jacqueline to be one extraordinary, insightful and gritty businesswoman—a woman fully and successfully entrenched in her profession of self-expression and transparency through her music.

Jillian’s career accomplishments as a millennial are monumental. Her childhood and upbringing defined her identity and her destiny, while Grammy award winning, world-renowned entertainers molded her perspective, insight, talents and business savvy. Her performing resume leads with a three-month stint on Broadway as part of the Kenny Rogers’ “Christmas From The Heart” cast at just nine years old. Jillian spent the next five years on tour with Rogers and secured a deal with his management team shortly after. She made a special guest vocal appearance on the Billy Dean and Suzy Bogguss duet recording “Keep Mom And Dad In Love” (which charted in the Top 50 Billboard Country Charts/2001). Jacqueline formed the Little Women Band with her sisters; the four-sister family band toured extensively filling bleacher and auditorium seats across the country. The young song crafter has written and recorded alongside Vince Gill and Richard Marx; signed a recording contract with Big Loud Records and was dubbed a “dazzling chanteuse-wordsmith” by Rolling Stone in 2016. With some big notches in her belt, this spitfire from Chester Springs, Pennsylvania has already filled a tall order.

“Kenny Rogers told me: ‘To be a great artist, there should be no difference between who you are and who the audience believes you are; he taught me to be real and true to myself. Vince’s persona is disarming; he taught me that humility is everything. …and Richard showed me the importance of self-expression and the value of being confident.”

With words and music to live by, the twenty-something singer/songwriter is well sculpted. Real, true and humble, yet admirably confident, the traits resonate in her music. A precocious talent strongly rooted in country (Patsy Cline, Patty Loveless, the Dixie Chicks), the vibrant, green-eyed Italian, who studied abroad in Rome and lived in Thailand, ultimately cultivated her pallet for varied styles of music during her residency in New York City. The country girl spent her teens in the Big Apple where she cut her teeth at some of Manhattan’s world-renowned rock and punk rock clubs (including Bitter End, CBGB's and Pianos). Jillian was purposefully moved by the simplistic blend of lyric and melodies of Bread, Carole King and James Taylor, the guitar compositions of Tom Petty and Third Eye Blind, and authentic, brash bands such as All-American Rejects to refashion her traditional country roots infusing contemporary city riffs.

Jillian graduated from Philadelphia University in 2010. Before her maroon cap hit the air, Jillian was packed and loaded—ready to head toward Nashville. Just three years after landing in Music City, Jillian recorded a five-song EP with Grammy-winning songwriter and producer Richard Marx behind the board; Marx produced the single titled “Overdue” (with Vince Gill on harmony vocals) less than twelve months later. Pushing the 2.5 Million streaming mark, “Overdue” launched Jillian’s career into infinity orbit. She inked a publishing deal with Downtown Music Publishing and released her debut self-titled independent project in early 2016. Nylon.com premiered the music video “Prime” (from the album); the clip also aired in regular rotation on CMT. Ranking as one of the Top 20 “Artists To Watch” in 2017, Jillian is also one of CMT’s “Next Women of Country” (Class of 2017).

With pop melody sensibility, Jillian takes artistic liberty with her lyrics, but they’re as flat-out and straightforward “honest” as they come. Her colorful “melodies-in-motion” take the listener down a mysterious winding road, yet her storylines are as transparent as a clear-cut diamond. Predicated on the conclusion of a five-year, “marry me” relationship, her new recording project (produced by long-time friend Tofer Brown/Big Loud Records) places Jillian’s life under a magnifying glass to reveal unbound, genderless themes of regret, nostalgia, heartache and frolic. Featuring song titles like “Hate Me,” “God Bless This Mess,” Holier Than Thou” and “Sad Girls,” the emotionally-weighted album (titled HONESTLY) spotlights “less is more” tracks that clearly demonstrate a comfortable intimacy to unveil Jillian Jacqueline’s identity—undisguised.

Sad song or not, Jillian’s feather-light vocals, bubbly delivery and poetic lyrics make every note inviting for a sparking listen. Jillian brings love and life to translucent light to enhance the beauty and power of emotion, and she comes by it HONESTLY.