Kid Harpoon

Although Tom Hull was born in Chatham, it was his move to London-- and taking on the performance name, Kid Harpoon-- that would earn him enough exposure to release music that would be critically well-received.

Harpoon released his first single, "Riverside," in 2006 on the Brikabrak label, and soon followed the seven inch with an EP entitled The First EP. A second EP, similarly (and obviously) entitled The Second EP earned him even more attention, and his live shows were fleshed out with a full band.


That band, called the Powers That Be (Clayton Boothroyd, Tom Bonner, Jon Jackson, Florian Lunaire, and Mr. Squeaky), also teamed up with Harpoon in the studio to work on his debut album. Kid Harpoon has released 2 EP’s on Young Turks. In 2009 Harpoon released the EP Once, produced by Trevor Horn, from which came the single “Stealing Cars”.