DMP x NY Is Music

Downtown Music Publishing is proud to support New York Is Music, a coalition of businesses and organizations working together to support the growth of New York's music industry.

Co-founded by DMP's President Justin Kalifowitz and consisting of over 75 music-related institutions across New York State, New York Is Music aims to identify and increase awareness of the music industry’s economic impact in New York, advocate for local & state initiatives that support and grow its music industry, and promote music education & support the preservation of New York’s rich multi-cultural musical heritage.

New York State Assemblyman Joseph Lentol (Brooklyn, District 50) has recently drafted the Empire State Music Production Tax Credit, a piece of legislation that, if adopted, will provide a significant tax credit to companies and individuals who produce and record music in the state of New York. New York Is Music is working with Assemblyman Lentol to see that this important initiative, the first of its kind in New York, is passed.

You can read more about New York Is Music in The New York Times and join the coalition by clicking here.