In celebration of what would have been his 58th birthday, the Downtown community remembers the artistic pioneer that was Prince.

Prince was a fearless trailblazer who fought for art in all forms by breaking boundaries and destroying norms. His influences are immense in modern music and he will continue to influence musicians for decades to come. Prince’s style, mindset, music, and impact is in all of us, and we are thankful to have known Prince. The world will be forever influenced by the artistic pursuits of the creative genius - in all areas, not just music. Prince’s artist hand touched music, art, fashion, media, and even philosophy. He made being weird cool.

The Downtown community remembers Prince for his love for originality and showing the world the best thing to do is be yourself:

On April 23, Bruce Springsteen opened his show at Barclay’s Center with a cover of “Purple Rain” to honor the late musician.

Watch above.

I am absolutely heartbroken

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Downtown applauds the State of Minnesota and Governor Mark Dayton’s recognition of the legend's contributions to music through declaring today, June 7, "Prince Day".