Arthur Baker Tracks Make Inaugural Digital Debut

For the first time ever, the full back catalogs of one of the legends in the dance music industry, Arthur Baker’s Criminal Records and Minimal Records, have been digitally re-mastered. Now available for download on iTunes and streaming services, the archive resurrects over 60 releases.

The newly digital mixes cover Criminal Element Orchestra’s "House Time, Anytime," “Put The Needle To The Record” and “Pump Up the Volume” which have since been sampled by many other dance tracks including M/A/R/R/S, and Tina B’s "January February."

Other big tracks in the release include several mixes of New Order’s “Confusion” (Alternative Mix, Essential Mix, Ambient Confusion, Ooh Wee Dub Mix, Con-om-fus-ars-ion Mix, and FVMSTR Remix), “Pump up the Volume,” and Harmony’s Dance to the Drums EP (co-written by Afrika Bambaataa, Arthur Baker, and Keith LeBlanc).

Criminal Records was launched in 1986 when Arthur Baker had already released a plethora of disco records, created electro via Planet Rock, and opened Shakedown Studios. Shakedown’s dancier label Minimal Records was to become a hotbed for music history, where many of the sounds in the latest dance tracks originated.

Seminal tracks and artists featured on the archive include Ellis D, Just Like a Queen, Jackie 60 Presents Jackie MC’s - “The Jackie Hustle” and the Wally Jump Jr. & The Criminal Element hit “Tighten Up (I Just Can’t Stop Dancing),” which peaked on the charts at No. 24 in 1987.