Niall Horan x Downtown

We're thrilled to welcome songwriter and recording artist Niall Horan to the Downtown roster.

The announcement comes on the heels of the release of Niall second single, “Slow Hands,” which has already hit #1 on iTunes in 47 countries, Top 5 in 70 countries, and is climbing up the radio and streaming charts worldwide.

His debut single as a solo artist, “This Town,” was the first track to ever debut at #1 on Billboard’s Social 50 Chart and recently earned Niall a Platinum Award for songwriting from the National Music Publishers Association. “This Town” also peaked at the top of the charts in 61 countries and Top 5 in 78 countries.

As a member of One Direction, whose songs are also administered by Downtown, Niall co-wrote tracks on every one of the group’s five albums. In 2015, 1D set the record for most Top 10 song debuts, including the multi-platinum Niall co-write “Story of My Life,” which topped the global charts.

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PC: Conor McDonnell