Downtown Nashville's Destinations Songwriters Retreat

Downtown Nashville’s destination writers retreat was a 7-day workshop in Rosemary Beach, Florida, where different artists, writers, and producers were paired together each day to create honest collaborations for their upcoming projects, as well as songs to be pitched.

The purpose of our writers retreat was to create experiences for songwriters to connect on a personal and professional level while creating an atmosphere that goes above and beyond the Nashville writers room. We chose writers and artists that we believe in and want to invest in.
These retreats develop exposure and unconventional opportunities for these artists, writers, and producers while creating relationships between the talent and town.

Downtown Music Nashville opened in 2014 and has quickly become one the top publishers in the Nashville music community. The Nashville office, led by VP of A&R Steve Markland, is a creative hub representing writers and artists working to provide them with a variety of creative collaborations and opportunities.

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