Goldie x Downtown

Downtown is proud to announce a worldwide deal with UK musician and producer, Goldie.

Goldie is considered to be one of the founding fathers of drum and bass, and one of the most iconic talents in the dance world. Made famous for his pioneering role in the 1990s UK rave scene as a producer, Goldie has also influenced the musical styles of Jungle and Breakbeat Hardcore. Complex wrote that “No one's career has touched what Goldie has done over the last 20 years.”

“I’ve always had this really weird feeling, from a spiritual level, that everything I’ve ever built has led to this moment. Where finally, after the 25 years I’ve had in music, I’ve finally found a home from home, where I can actually create a landscape which creates an even better portrait in the type of architecture that I’ve always desired. I think Downtown’s given me that. It gives me the kind of architecture that I need to build these new shapes moving forward.”
- Goldie

The new signing is an overarching deal for all of Goldie’s catalogues, including 2017 album Journeyman, as well as the seminal masterpiece Timeless. The deal also includes the catalogues from Goldie’s founded label, Metalheadz, as well as Goldie’s future writing, featuring collaborations with Skepta.

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