Evie Irie x Downtown

We're excited to welcome soulful 16-year-old pop prodigy Evie Irie to Downtown, following the release of her debut EP, 5 Weeks in LA, as well as a video for its opening song, “Bitter.”

As its title suggests, the EP was conceived and recorded on a five-week trip to Los Angeles. Co-written by Casey Smith and co-produced by Zach Skelton of Downtown client Patriot Games Publishing, alongside songwriter and producer Andy Seltzer, “Bitter” has already garnered over one million streams across all digital platforms since its release.

“At Downtown, we aspire to attract, sign, and be true creative partners to the best culture-shaping talent in the world," said Downtown Senior Vice President of Global Creative Andrew Gould. "To work with an artist as gifted as Evie is a rare opportunity in and of itself. And to do so in collaboration with Troy Carter, Monte and Avery Lipman, and Brian Schall sounds too good to be true. Except, no, this is really the team."

“I’d also like to recognize Downtown Creative Senior Manager Dylan Silbermann for bringing Evie and the company together,” he added. “It’s rewarding to not only work with the next wave of superstar artists but also star executives.”

Growing up in Australia and the U.S., Irie began playing music at only 11 years old and writing songs soon after, setting her elder sister’s experiences to her own guitar melodies. “My sister would come home from school with all of these interesting stories,” Evie recalled. “I would say, ‘Oh tell me this story again,’ and I would get her to write it down. Then I would grab my guitar and put lyrics to it.”

With her family’s support, Irie moved back to the U.S. to develop her craft and career. Performing her signature brand of textured, soulful pop music at open mics in Nashville and L.A., it wasn’t long before she was discovered by top industry executives.

Downtown L.A. x Evie Irie

Evie Irie and her team with Downtown staff at our L.A. office.

“From the moment I walked into the Downtown office (pre-record deal and management) in Los Angeles and played some of my demos and a couple of songs live on guitar, I knew that Dylan and the team believed in my artistry 110% — and I felt really connected to them both personally and professionally,” said Evie. “I’m super excited to now be a part of the amazing roster of writers and producers that Downtown represents, and I hope that this will be a long-lasting partnership that will help me develop even further as a songwriter.”

“Downtown added value from the moment Evie arrived in LA,” added Evie's manager, Q&A co-founder Troy Carter, who has worked with talent such as Lady Gaga, Meghan Trainor, and Eve. “Their level of commitment and creativity showed us right away this was the best partner for Evie.”

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Main Photo (L to R): David Rosenberg, Dylan Silbermann, Evie Irie, Andrew Gould, and Troy Carter.