Baxter Dury

Serenaded into the world by his dad’s band ‘The Blockheads’ banging out Chuck Berry’s Johnny Be Good in the basement below, and with 6’8” ex-Led Zeppelin roadie named Sulphate Strangler for a babysitter, Baxter was never destined to work in a ‘proper’ job. Regal Records must have agreed for they snapped him up and released his third full-length album Happy Soup in 2011.

In 2001 Baxter released his debut single, the Oscar Brown EP. As NME, who christened it their ‘Single of the Week’, put it: ‘Baxter’s surname means nothing. This is a work of casual assurance that no family tree can provide. The record is all you need to know.’ Soon snapped up by indie label Rough Trade, Baxter released Len Parrot’s Memorial Lift (2002) and Floor Show (2005). Both albums received further praise from the press.

In the two years it’s taken Baxter to write Happy Soup, he claims he’s been “just focused on music. My principle was that the album had to be about exactly who I was. It had to be really honest, uplifting, soulful music, whilst not taking myself too seriously. Whilst making this album I realised it doesn’t matter who you are. Until the music’s any good it doesn’t matter.” Anything else? “Yeah, my leather trousers don’t fit me anymore.”

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