Deee-Lite rose out of the 1980’s club scene in Greenwich Village and fused techno, funk, ambient, hip-hop, and house music to form something completely unique. The trio, which included vocalist Lady Miss Kier from the US, DJ Dmitry from Kiev, and DJ Towa Towa from Tokyo, had a unique cultural make-up that earned them a following across racial and sexual boundaries.

The group’s debut album World Clique included the now-ubiquitous and timeless smash single “Groove Is in the Heart”, a worldwide chart topper. Over the course of their existence, they achieved great success on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, where they scored six number-one hits including “Power of Love”, “Good Beat”, “Runaway”, and “Call Me”.

They were dedicated to outrageous live shows that included free-style dancers, psychedelic lightshows, flowers for the audience, and a devotion to visual flair. Their lyrics were at times both thought-provoking and socially conscious, touching on topics including democracy and environmentalism. Though they disbanded in 1996, Deee-lite’s influence on dance, pop, house, techno, and funk music can still be felt today.

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