Edizioni Curci

Edizioni Curci is one of the most important and renowned independent entities in the world of Italian music publishing.

Founded in 1860, all over the years, the Company has been giving voice to the tradition of the popular music in Italy: from Domenico Modugno to Giorgio Gaber, from Vasco Rossi to Tiziano Ferro, with a constant expanding catalog, including Claudio Baglioni and Antonello Venditti’s repertoires.

The present is also represented by a huge roster of great songwriters lead by the President Alfredo Gramitto Ricci and the General Manager Claudia Mescoli, and sees Curci involved and promoting all-around collaborations. Another important role is played by the management and by the promotion of the songs rights of its catalog and of the represented ones. Thanks to a repertoire from all genres and styles, Curci’s songs headline some of the biggest advertising campaigns and movie soundtracks around.

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