FTSE is Midlander Sam Manville’s producer-artist-polemical guise, where he plays everything and even delivers finished masters of the very distinguished and distinguishable results.

FTSE debut album JOYLESS, was released on 28th August 2015. JOYLESS follows a trio of well received EP’s – FTSE I, FTSE II and Love Un Ltd. Combining the vehement thrashes of the music of his youth and his free-flowing social analytics with a more soothing, often ironic, tone from his wife of 5 years, Taz, together with various sonic infusions, he has created a fearlessly bold statement for a debut album: with the frank and informed voice of KLF or PSB’s through a globalised and comfortably chaotic pop sound.


JOYLESS is Manville’s defeatist manifesto on our over-connected, over-stimulated and over-priced world. It’s defeatist in the sense that it’s the voice of those who feel trapped in a system, but unable to see a way out – but that’s not to say it’s not angry. Really, really angry.

“All the EPs were me as a producer and writer; the album is me as an artist,” he says. “It’s almost going back to the punk roots of what I used to do. That ‘fuck you, here I am, this is my thing, shut up and fucking take it.’” (Sam Manville, FTSE)

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