Kendell Marvel

Already an award-winning songwriter for George Strait, Jamey Johnson, Jake Owen, and others. Kendell is flexing the writing chops that have already yielded hits like Jake Owen's "Startin' With Me" and George Strait's "Twang."

Raised in Southern Illinois, Marvel began playing his first gigs as a 10 year-old. "My dad would take me out to bars, and I'd play old country covers," he remembers. "Dad would get free beer, and I'd get free pickled eggs or beef jerky. I was hooked."

The gigs continued as Marvel grew older. Looking to write songs for other artists, as well, he left Illinois in 1998 and moved to Nashville, where he penned Gary Allan's first Top 5 hit, "Right Where I Need To Be," during his first day in town. Other hits followed, including Chris Stapleton’s current single, “Either Way”. However, Marvel never lost sight of the solo career he'd kicked off back in the Midwest. As his reputation as a songwriter grew, he continued hitting the highway on a yearly basis, crisscrossing the country — from Alaska to Florida to the Virgin Islands — on his own solo tours.

His upcoming album produced by Keith Gattis, Lowdown and Lonesome finds Marvel heading up an all-star band of sidemen and session players, including guitarist Audley Freed, drummer Fred Eltringham and harmonica wiz Mickey Raphael. On an album filled with heavyweights, though, the true stars are the songs themselves, which find Marvel singing about women, vices, and all points in between.

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