Matthew Friedberger

Matthew Friedberger, born 1972, songwriter and composer, is a Chicagoan. His rock band the Fiery Furnaces released nine albums between 2003 and 2009 and performed around the world. He’s released 11 solo records with the Chicago label Thrill Jockey since 2006; another record is due out with the label in the first half of 2016. Self-releases from 2015 include the full-lengths Mr. Fried Burger and Blues band at the rockabilly bar.

Friedberger is known for a distinctive style of writing and arranging, and in particular, re-arranging or re-writing material for live performance. Being greatly enamored with classically-trained female singers, and endlessly devoted to classically-trained female dancers, his “Neue Friedberger Oper” will mount its first production, a premiere of the opéra-ballet Sacrifice the Youth at the Temple of the Tooth, in the fall of 2016.

Friedberger is especially interested in a variety of things and does not live in Chicago.

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