Milo Meskens

Milo Meskens isn’t even halfway through his twenties, and yet it feels like he’s been around for decades already. And in some way, that is actually the case. He answered the call of the guitar when he was barely four years old, and submerged himself in every kind of music that crossed his path.

Music has always been a lot more than just a pastime to Milo. His guitar was almost literally his guide through some rough years in high school, when everything seemed to go sideways. The only positive constant was his guitar. Writing songs as part of his coping mechanism, Milo tried to find his way back. And he did.

All of his singles became radio hits throughout Europe. Combined, Milo’s songs have been streamed almost 4 million times on Spotify so far. 

And now, there’s Contrast, his debut album, where happy sounding songs clash with darker lyrics. Milo seamlessly interweaves his pop songs with influences from blues, rock and hip hop. 

Every song has some ambiguity to it, and there’s a lot of contrast between the songs as well. Yet they all blend perfectly together with Milo’s personal, but very recognizable, lyrics as the common thread. “Sometimes life just sucks, but everything will be alright. We’ll make it in the end,” Milo summarizes.

Contrast is full of songs that leave something to discover every time you hear them, but that can just as well be enjoyed as the soundtrack to your day.

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