Pan Wei-Ju

Pan Wei-Ju is a Taipei based artist, whose striking verbal wordplay, poetry, and forward thinking delivery has seen her rise to be at the very forefront of the new sounds emerging of the new Taiwan.

Fusing elements of HipHop, Slam Poetry, Jazz, Soul and Electronica, her music has been featured by international press including The Fader,Rolling Stone, Vice and has received radio play on Zane Lowes show on Beats 1,BBC Radio 1, KCRW, and Triple J. Her collaboration track with Grimes "SCREAM" featured on many critics choice LP album of the year for 2015, Art Angels, released on seminal UK indie label 4AD. Pan Wei-Ju has performed at international music festivals including Coachella, becoming the first Taiwanese artist to do so, SXSW, and Laneway. Pan Wei-Ju is currently working on her debut LP, inspired by the timeless Stanley Kubrick directed Sci-fi, 2001 : A Space Odyssey with production from Will Butler of Arcade Fire and Grammy award winning producer David Kahne.





Pan Wei-Ju 是來自台灣台北的藝人。以獨特創新的詩詞入歌及俱有前瞻思維的演唱,使她快速在台灣新世代音樂場景裡站在前鋒獨特的一端

融合 HipHop, Slam Poetry, Jazz, Soul 及 Electronica 的音樂,她的創作多次在國際媒體曝光,包括 The Fader, Rolling Stone, Vice, Zane Lowes 在 Beats 1 的音樂電台, BBC radio, KCRW 及 Triple J。

她跟 Grimes 合作的作品 "SCREAM" 收錄在出現於許多評論家的2015年年度專輯榜的Art Angels裡, 由知名的英國獨立唱片公司4AD發行。

Pan Wei-Ju在許多知名的國際音樂祭演出,包括SXSW與Laneway。除此之外,她是有史以來第一位在Coachella演出的台灣藝人。

Pan Wei-Ju目前正在創作她的首張LP, 靈感來自於 Stanley Kubrick 的科幻電影 2001: A Space Odyssey. 製作團隊包括 Arcade Fire 的 Will Butler 及葛萊美獎得主 David Kahne.

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