Phony Ppl

Phony Ppl either crash-landed from the past or the future: critics and fans can’t decide. Since popping up on New York City’s indie radar in 2011, the amorphous band has forged an entirely new sound built on vintage astral funk, colorful world music, and dusted-out hip-hop/R&B.

Co-founded by writer/arrangers Elbee Thrie and Aja Grant, the band flipped D.I.Y recordings into self-released hits like “I Wish I Was A Chair” and “End of the Night,” and tours with like-minded experimental elders Theophilus London, Erykah Badu and The Roots. Their latest effort, 2015’s “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” gained rotation on BBC1 and Odd Future Radio, and the L.A. Times applauded its “meteoric rise” via social media, peaking at #6 on iTunes.

The band will be on the road with the record throughout the year.

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