Sandi Thom

Sandi Thom is on a musical journey that has taken her from the renowned platinum selling debut album: Smile… It Confuses People to the critically acclaimed blues rock record; Merchants and Thieves featuring a collaboration with her long term boyfriend Joe Bonamassa.

Her latest release "Flesh and Blood", dubbed “Fierce and Honest Songwriting“ by The Huffinton Post, drew in the likes of The Black Crowes band and Bobby Keys to work with her. Even the legendary Buffy Sainte-Marie appears on the record on a most stunning duet with Thom entitled The Big Ones Get Away.

Over the last six years since Thom arrived on the scene she has sold in excess of one million albums, been nominated for a Brit award, won a Digital Music Award for her innovation as an artist, won Album Of The Year at the Scottish Music Awards and been given an Ivor Novello award for excellence in songwriting. Sandi Thom’s star just keeps on rising.

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