In a time of digitally dominated radio waves sound-tracking our daily lives, Sky Montique is truly from another world of music.

Her distinctive sound flirts seamlessly around Nu-Jazz, eclectic soul and modern blues genres transporting you to an old Harlem speakeasy, where she bares her soul with emotions pouring out through every note and phrase.

The daughter of a Jamaican father and Irish mother, Montique grew up in colourful Shepherds Bush in London.

“There was a radio or record player in every single room in my house growing up” she states.

Defining her style and influences, Montique recalls “…hearing Billie Holiday, Lauren Hill, Tracy Chapman and Bob Marley sometimes playing all together at any one time in different rooms” explaining her music as she extracts the warmth of the old with the hard hitting edge of the new to form a unique creation she describes as “Vintage Pop”

“From the moment I was born, as soon as she could, my mum switched on her cassette player and placed the headphones over my tiny ears” declares the laughing 25 year-old. Maybe it was this early initiation into a world brimming with aural delights that instinctively led her to follow a path in singing and song writing.

Making her debut at a local talent show at just 5 years old the encouraging audience reactions spurred her to continue taking part in musicals and talent shows, as often as she could.

Now her understanding of music, power and vocal dexterity has meant that many of her tracks were recorded on a first take, a feat that only an artist of passion not a product of perfection could do.

Her style of song writing and material comes from an amalgamation of jam sessions where, as she puts it, “I use my artistry to escape my reality…through music I can express deep feelings or expose personal experiences that otherwise I might never candidly talk about.”

Her thoughtfully crafted songs are bursting with playful melodies and haunting heartbreak. With a mixture of fast paced Jazz beats, a scoop of live instrumentation and a sprinkling of soulful vocals, Sky serves us a recipe of deliciously toe tapping numbers.

Through the fog of emotionally robotic club songs, her vintage pop is brightly uncompromised... and that uniqueness is exactly what sets her apart.

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