In this day and age where music is delivered to you polished, tidy and neatened up around the edges, it’s nice to see that the modern rule book gets thrown out from time to time.

Slaves are a two piece indie punk band from Kent and do things very much their own way. Since forming, the duo (Isaac Holman & Laurie Vincent) have played squats, dive bars, basements and have travelled to all of these in a small car. They have learned how to do things the way bands should do and all that hard work has been for good reason.

After playing Reading & Leeds Festival in 2013, the band have not stopped and since then, they have toured and played shows with Blood Red Shoes, Drenge, DZ Deathrays, Jungle, The Wytches and more. They have played and toured all over the UK and Europe and even have crossed the Atlantic to play SXSW in March 2014. This summer has already seen the band stealing the show at T In The Park, Latitude, Dot To Dot, The Great Escape, 2000Trees, NASS and more.

Their unique style and character is what sets this band apart. The live show is like being in a bar brawl and a party rolled into one. It’s scrappy, it’s fun and it’s real and you always leave smiling. Just in case you had forgotten, it is ok to leave with a smile when you go see a band play. Slaves have the ability to remind you of that, whenever you see them play.

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