Sylvia Gordon

Coming a long way from the small town of her birth place of Opelika, Alabama and the myriad Southwestern and Western U.S. Coastal towns Sylvia was shuffled around during her upbringing, multi-talented singer/songwriter/performer/producer and femme fatale Sylvia Gordon / Sylvia Black may be once best known as the voice of New York’s fiery electronic pop-rock trio Kudu, but is increasingly in demand as a songwriter/collaborator with other artists.

She's recently graced recordings by Moby, Spank Rock, Black Eyes Peas (as co-writer on “Meet Me Halfway”, the 3rd Top 10 single from the group’s Grammy winning, multiplatinum album The E.N.D.) and France’s Telepopmusik, not to mention the many musical projects Sylvia has been asked to be a part of or write for. Sylvia has an impressive knack for writing engaging rhyme schemes and sinister poetic lyrics that are accessible and arrestingly visual.

Working under her alias, Betty Black, the dynamic chanteuse delves deep into her cobwebbed subconscious for her past and future releases to summon a chilling collection of slow-burning, southern gothic murder ballads that unravel into unflinchingly heartfelt narratives.

The result is a rich sonic tapestry that is harrowingly intimate, hopelessly romantic and hauntingly tender, and occasionally waxes nostalgic for the early ‘80s post-punk era.

 More recently, Sylvia has spent the past few years living out of a suitcase, gathering inspiration from the various country landscapes from California to Texas to Virginia where her family and friends live. All the while Sylvia has been writing, recording, and performing and waiting patiently to showcase all the music she has been cultivating.

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