Them were a Northern Irish band formed in Belfast in April of 1964, most prominently known for the garage rock standard "Gloria" and for launching singer Van Morrison's musical career. The original five-member band consisted of Morrison, Alan Henderson, Ronnie Millings, Billy Harrison and Eric Wrixon, and their music was filled with a hard-nosed R&B beat, organ riffs, lean guitar, and Van Morrison's tough vocals.

Marketed in the United States as part of the British Invasion, Them scored two UK hits in 1965 with "Baby, Please Don't Go" and "Here Comes the Night".  The latter song and "Mystic Eyes" were Top 40 hits in the US.

Morrison quit the band in 1966 and went on to a successful career as a solo artist. Although Them's existence was short-lived, the Belfast group had considerable influence on other bands, including The Doors.

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